Satish Singh Siddhu

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Player: Jason Stafford, who currently lives in Atlanta, GA.

Name: Satish Singh Siddhu, Patriarch of the Siddhu.

Clan: Nosferatu (Clan Status 1). Rumored to be Yamagami Seiko's childe or some strange Gangrel/Nosferatu variant.

Nosferatu Quirk: When Satish speaks to you and meets your gaze it feels as if someone were strangling you.

Covenant: Circle of the Crone (Covenant Status 1)

Picture: Image:Satish.jpg Image:Satish2.jpg

Location: He currently resides somewhere in the general area of Atlanta GA. He has recently moved to the US from India where he spent much of his life and undeath. He is the progenitor of an extended mortal and undead family known as the Siddhu. Several of his childer have made the move to the US as well and reside with him. He travels extensively in support of both his family and the House he is a member of the House of Shadows.

Common Knowledge among the Circle:

Not much is known about Satish and his mortal beginnings other than the fact that he has ties to his family and is often referred to as Uncle Satish by his mortal and undead family members. His family, the Siddhu is known for their business in kindred transportation and has extensive contacts in that arena.

He gained his name in the Circle through the courts of India by holding out against the predominately Rakshasa Nosferatu and choosing his faith over a bloodline. He stood apart from those same kindred through denial of the Unaligned tradition many there have chosen to follow.

He doesn't look down on other Crone for their beliefs if they do not mesh with his but he does have issues with some of the ritae they choose to employ. He usually does not attend the larger gatherings for ritae as he views his faith as a personal thing and will only share it with a close few. It is unknown what aspect of the Crone Satish and his family worship but their faith is unquestionable.

House of Shadows members Rose Nevar, Body Count and Satish: Image:Houseofshadows.jpg


  • I see Prince and the Revolution is missing a backup singer... (Referring to Madame Akuete Latour's purple ensemble)

Rumors and Stories If you or your PC has heard rumors or stories about Satish, feel free to post them below here.

  • It is rumored that Satish is some sort of Gangrel/Nosferatu bloodline that was actually created through an ancient Cruac ritual only known to Crones of India.
  • It is rumored that Lady V and Satish are lovers but then again, who isn't one of Lady V's lovers at this point?
  • It is rumored that Satish has some sort of secret deal with Suren-Gal.
  • It has been said that Satish has over 20 childer and all are members of his mortal family line.
  • It is rumored that the entire House of Shadows are all Brood and that their actions in the abduction of Grace Morganstern were in retaliation for the imprisonment of Cade.
  • It is rumored that Satish was a member of the warrior caste in his life and in death has embraced this further by becoming a member of the Rakshasa bloodline.
  • It is rumored that Satish's small frame is deceptive, and beneath it hides tremendous natural and supernatural strength.
  • It is rumored that Satish has plans to kill all Atlanta Crones who do not follow his leadership.
  • It is rumored that Satish's haven is crawling with Bleeding the Tarantula constructs and a number of other even more deadly traps.
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